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Elite Truck Rental

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Elite Truck Rental is now a member of Hertz Car Rental, click here to visit their webpage on

Special Services at this Location for a Hertz Car Rental:
  • Child Seats
  • Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Only
  • Accident Rental Rates:  When your car is in the shop for repairs. Insurance/Body Shop and Dealership/Service Center replacement rentals available at this location. Click here for accident rental rates & reservations.
  • Gold Counter Service
  • Available with a one hour advance notice and within 15 minutes from the Hertz Local Edition location. Once your reservation is booked, the location will call or email you at the phone number or email address provided to confirm pick up service.  Airport concession agreements do not allow Hertz to offer Pick Up and Return Service at airport locations.  You should not request Pick Up and Return Service if you arrive at an airport - either from the Hertz airport location or from any Hertz off airport location.

Five reasons to rent from Elite Truck Rental:

#1.)  Elite Truck Rental is competitively priced
#2.)  Elite Truck Rental has late model, well maintained equipment
#3.)  Elite Truck Rental is locally owned and operated, and able to provide personal service on your moving day
#4.)  Elite Truck Rental serves all of Chicago and the suburbs
#5.)  Elite Truck Rental has a convenient location near you!

About Elite Truck Rental 

Great service, low prices, fast turn around time, and the right size truck when you need it. Easy to say but tough to deliver. Over a quarter of a century in trucking and rental experience is why Elite Truck Rental is able to offer you the Elite Treatment you receive. With over a decade of doing business with Chicagoans, Elite is large enough to deliver what you need, when you need it, yet small enough not to overlook the value of your time.

The Elite Treatment means on moving day you’re moving, not standing around waiting. It means you’re “on the road”, not bogged down with forms, paperwork and procedures. It means you’re loading up, not overloaded with excuses or apologies. It means a “thanks you”, because you’re on the move quickly, not “cool your heels, we’ll be right with you”. The Elite Treatment means we understand moving day is tough enough; you don’t need extra grief from us.

Once you’ve decided to save up tp 50% on moving costs by doing it yourself, you’ve earned the Elite Treatment any smart business decision should receive . . . you deserve the Elite Treatment from Elite Truck Rental . . . after all, you’re renting more than a truck, you’re renting a company.

Elite Truck rental is the only truck rental company you’ll ever need. Elite Truck Rental services both consumer and business needs. Once you’ve rented a truck from Elite, you’ve made the right choice.  

Moving Preparation Tips from Elite Truck Rental . . .

1-2 weeks ahead
Be sure to label all your boxes as you’re packing and mark which room each box came from. Get in touch with your bank to close out bank accounts and arrange for safe transfer of money and valuable documents. Contact gas, electric, water and telephone companies to arrange for disconnect dates and arrange connections at your new home. Cancel any other services, such as cable TV, pest control or newspapers. Arrange for family and friends to help on moving day.

the last week
Mail in the change of address card.

the days before
Empty and defrost refrigerator and freezer. Get enough cash of traveler’s checks to cover the cost of the moving services and expenses until banking connections are established in the new location

The moving day
Be sure to let family and friends know the time you plan to move. Double check closets, shelves, drawers and rooms to be sure everything has been packed. Leave all old keys needed by new tenant or owner with the realtor or close neighbor.


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Elite Truck Rental

265 N Western
Chicago, IL 60612

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